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Brianna "Bria" Ciccone
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Brianna Ciccone


Puerto Rican/Italian

Bria was raised by her hispanic mother. She got rare visits from her father when her mother permitted. What Bria didn't know growing up was her father was involved with the mafia. Growing up she had a bad temper and was always told she was just like her father. There was a time she wanted to be like him, but upon finding out what he was she decided against it. SHe however still has his temper so still hears 'just like daddy'. She did date a few lower level mafia guys to piss her mother and father off. The last guy ran off and left her and ended up dead. She's pregnant now and has estranged from her family. Trying to fend on her own she has grown up. She wants to find a nice guy, but knows with the extra baggage she carries in her absomen that will be hard. She is by no means a damsel in distress, nor does she need a man to feel complete. She would just like someone to love her and to let her love them. She's a romantic at heart.

Bria is mine, her pb is Jessica Alba who belongs to no one but herself.